The Pezzo client is a PyPi that allows you to easily integrate your application with Pezzo.

Getting Started

Intall the Pezzo Client

Install the pezzo package from PyPi:

pip install pezzo

Initialize the Pezzo Client

To initialize the Pezzo client, simply import it into your script. It will automatically read the configuration from your environment variables:

  • PEZZO_API_KEY: Your Pezzo API key
  • PEZZO_PROJECT_ID: Your Pezzo project ID
  • PEZZO_ENVIRONMENT: The environment you want to use (e.g. Production, which is the default environment created by Pezzo)
from pezzo.client import pezzo

In the above example, we created a libs/pezzo.ts file in which we instantiate the Pezzo client and export it. We can then import it in other areas of our application.

API Reference

pezzo.get_prompt(prompt_name: string)

The name of the prompt to retrieve. The prompt must be deployed to the current environment specified when initializing the Pezzo client.