Pezzo enabels you to easily observe your Geneartive AI operations. This includes:

  • Traces and Requests - Pezzo automatically traces your operations and requests and provides you with a detailed view of the execution of your operations.
  • Advanced Filtering - Filter your traces and requests by any field, including custom fields (e.g. user ID, correlation ID, etc).
  • Metrics - Pezzo automatically collects metrics from your LLM calls (execution time, cost, error rate, and more) and provides you with detailed dashboards.
  • Alerts (Coming Soon) - Define alerts on your metrics and get notified when something goes wrong.

Observe your Generative AI operations with Pezzo.

Requests View

Every project on Pezzo has a dedicated Requests view. This view shows you all the requests that have been made to your project.

Pezzo Project Requests View


You can filter requests by various criteria. For example, you can filter by the status of the request, by date/time, or by the cost of execution.



You can inspect the details of any request by clicking on it. This will open the Inspector view.

Request Inspector

Prompt Metrics

If you feel that there are metrics that are missing, please let us know by creating an issue on GitHub.

If you manage your prompts with Pezzo, you are able to view insights and metrics for a specific prompt.

Prompt Metrics